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 Superconductor Links

        Below are various links to web sites dealing with superconductors and/or related fields; some of which may already be listed on the USES, NEWS or PLAY pages.


  • Images of Levitating Objects | The Magnet Man
  • Micro-photographs of Superconducting Materials | FSU Gallery

  • Tutorial/Research:   

  • Superconductivity In Its Simplest Form | Oxford University
  • Superconductivity Concepts Link Map | Georgia State University
  • Lectures on Superconductivity | University of Cambridge
  • Condensed Matter Theory | University of Michigan
  • Advanced Explanation of Superconductivity | Futurescience
  • Flux Lines in Type 2 Superconductors | Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
  • Hole Theory of Superconductivity | Univ. of California, San Diego

  • Oxide Superconductors Tutorial | by Bob Cava of Princeton University for the American Ceramic Society
           (Note: This is a huge PDF file (3.8 Mb Zipped). You will need WinZip and Adobe Acrobat to extract
             and view it. The article is exhaustive and written at the college level. You may preview the first
             page of this article by clicking here.)
  • Superconduttori - Storia, sviluppo, e applicazioni di una nuova tecnologia
  • Supraleitung - ChemLin
  • Supravodice - prevody jednotek

  • Note: The link for Elsevier Science/Physica C has been removed. Elsevier Publishing has facilitated the theft of intellectual property belonging to Superconductors.ORG. And, despite repeated requests, refuses to redress the problem. Elsevier Science/Physica C is NOT recommended.

  • Home page for the 1913 Nobel speech by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes

  • Home page for the 1972 Nobel speeches | by John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and John Schreiffer

  • Home page for the 1973 Nobel speech by Brian D. Josephsen

  • Home page for the 2003 Nobel speeches to Abrikosov, Ginzburg and Leggett

  • U.S., European and Japanese Patent Search | Refined Search

  • Books on Superconductivity | Geometry.NET Picks

  • Glossary of Superconductor Terms | Superconductors.ORG
  • Organic Chemistry Glossary | Bar Codes, Inc.
  • Ionic Radii of the Elements | Environmentalchemistry.COM
  • Chemistry Glossary | Goodfellow Advanced Materials

  • Research Groups and Institutions:    

  • Superconducting Stripes | La Sapienza University - Italy
  • Superconductivity Group at UiO | University of Oslo - Norway
  • Superconductivity Group | University of Durham - UK
  • DHV Research Group | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Texas Center for Superconductivity | University of Houston
  • The Lemberger Superconductivity Lab | Ohio State Univ.
  • Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials | Australia
  • Quantum Chaos and Superconductivity | Northeastern University
  • Bar-Ilan Institute of Superconductivity | Israel
  • Weizmann Institute of Science | Superconductivity Group - Israel
  • A S T R A | Applied Superconductivity & Training - Slovakia
  • B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering | Ukraine

  • Manufacturers/Industry:    

    Recently Superconductors.ORG wrote several maufacturers regarding their position on RoHS. None of them responded. A second batch of letters were written. And again, none replied. Such behavior is not only rude and unprofessional, it is unacceptable. As such, Superconductors.ORG will no longer provide free links to manufacturers. Each manufacturer who wished to be listed must make a commitment to professional and courteous communications with the public. The below manufacturers have made this commitment.

  • CAN Superconductors | HTS Bulk Superconductors for Practical Applications
  • SuperPower, Inc. | Developer and Producer of 2G HT Superconducting Wire
  • Fine Metals Corporation | Manufacturer and supplier of high purity sputtering targets, evaporation pellets, thin foils, rods, wires and more

  • Ancillary:

  • Stanford Materials | High-purity oxides, metals, alloys, ceramics, and sputtering targets **
  • American Elements | Rare-earth and Advanced Materials Products
  • Lorad Chemical | High Purity Inorganic Chemicals
  • Superconductor Materials, Inc. | Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials, Etc.
  • NSL Analytical, Inc. | Inorganic Chemicals Analysis **
  • Elemental Analysis, Inc. | Trace Element Analysis

  • Web Elements | The First Periodic Table on the Web
  • Periodic Chart of Toxic Elements | Corrosion Doctors
  • Bob Gibbon's Chem-It | A free downloadable Periodic Chart program for Windows NT/2K/XP/7/8/10 (Zipped)
           This version fixes the incorrect atomic weight of antimony. Just copy into the desired directory,
           unzip, and create a desktop shortcut to the EXE.
  • NOTE: For a periodic chart that shows the superconductive elements, go to the Type 1 page on this website.

  • AZoM | Materials Encyclopedia
  • Ceramic Materials Laboratory | Princeton University

  • The Cavalcade O' Chemistry

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics | University of Exeter

  • Paragon Kilns | The Inexpensive QuikFire 6 **

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    Upcoming Conferences:    

  • Upcoming MRS Meetings | Materials Research Society
  • Upcoming Chemistry Conferences | Materials Science Conferences

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  • Dictionary.COM Translation; Traducción; Übersetzung; traduction; tradução
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